There’s A New AI Bot That Can Predict When You Are Going To Die

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Ever wondered how long you have left to live? Researchers at the Australian University of Adelaide have the answer. They’ve developed an AI system that can predict your lifespan by examining your organs.



The machine uses a one-of-a-kind AI that uses imagery and AI to detect any early symptoms serious illnesses. 

The scientists took CT scans of 48 patients suffering from various diseases using a computer-based analysis that was able to predict the patients that would die within 5 years with 69 percent accuracy. The rate is comparable to manual predictions made by doctors.



The study revealed that the machine used over 16,000 biomarkers to find signs of diseases. The difference here is that the machines can predict medical outcomes in a way doctors cannot by using the volumes of data available to them and being able to detect patterns. 

The idea was to remove the need for a patient to perform regular check-ups and hoard a heap of paperwork overtime. The system can collect data and create a database for each individual to make a more accurate prediction of an individual’s health.


The upside is that if the evidence is conclusive and caught early enough, doctors can do their best to catch the disease at the onset. 

‘Predicting the future of a patient is useful because it may enable doctors to tailor treatments to the individual,’ said lead author Dr Luke Oakden-Rayner, a radiologist and PhD student with the University of Adelaide’s School of Public Health, reported the Daily Mail UK.



‘Our research has investigated the use of “deep learning”, a technique where computer systems can learn how to understand and analyse images, added Dr Oakden-Rayner.

Source: Health News

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