This Mum’s Innovative Ways Of Using Her Home-Space To Workout Has Become An Instagram Sensation

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Ask any new mum about losing post pregnancy weight and they’ll always inevitably tell you that it is close to impossible for them to find time to exercise. Even when they do start a workout routine it’s overwhelming and seems impossible because of the added responsibility of taking care of a newborn.



Mermaid-haired athletic mum from Florida, USA, Charity LeBlanc, ingenious ways to use the space in her house to train ninja-style has won her over 132,000 Instagram followers due to her innovative style of working out.


Performing different styles of exercises wasn’t new for Charity. “I always was an active child — climbing trees, playing outside, and taking dance classes,” she tells People.


An ardent lover of yoga she initially started getting back into a fitness regime with yoga. She then proceeded to include ninja-styled training into her workouts. 

The highlight of the setup in her house includes a ceiling beam from where you can hang rings, wooden ledges, and swing-like contraptions that her husband, Andre LeBlanc, gave her as a Christmas gift.

My family loves it!” Charity gushes. “I caught my daughter swinging on one of the workouts rings we have in our house, and she looks at me and said ‘Wook mommy! I strong like youuu!’, ” according to People.

Additionally, there’s a 2 by 4 ledge that can be used for grip training, peg holes and a ledge that has different rock-climbing grips. The setup does not intrude into family space either, apparently, according to Cosmopolitan.

Even the backyard and garage haven’t been spared

She claims her training has helped her build strength and muscular control and would eventually like to get her yoga teacher certification, as well as audition for the TV show American Ninja Warrior, come 2018, according to Cosmopolitan.

She hopes to keep inspiring people who watch her online in their pursuit of fitness and to encourage children to learn to have fun while getting fit from a young age. 

“I have always encouraged people to pursue fitness as something you enjoy doing or activity that excites you. Fitness and fun are so entwined for me, I don’t know which comes first sometimes” she says in Cosmopolitan.

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