Yoga, Hormones, and Anti-aging – Knowing the Science of Beauty

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Most people recognize yoga as an effective method of harmonizing and balancing the body, soul, and breathing. In the modern world, it is considered a philosophical teaching that is composed of mental and physical exercises. Many also regard yoga as ideal for people who are stressed and those who look for serenity and inner peace mainly because of its relaxing and balancing effects.

Not too many know that yoga originated in India. The word yoga is derived from the Indian Sanskrit which means “unity and harmony”. It actually has various forms that differ with philosophy and practice. Western yoga usually focuses on body exercises which are called asanas, the yoga positions that train one’s power, balance, and flexibility. Generally, yoga exercises are linked to in-depth relaxation, breathing, as well as meditation. There are also meditative forms of yoga which focus solely on mental concentration. Pranayama, a special breathing exercise is also part of yoga training which is often connected or practiced with physical asanas. There are also old yoga practices which give emphasis to asceticism, a severe self-discipline which involves avoidance of all forms of indulgence for religious reasons.

However, the traditional Indian yoga differs from that of the modern Western yoga. The former’s teaching and exercises are far more complex than the modern forms of yoga. But putting the methods and patterns aside, the endeavor in doing yoga remains the same, which is to balance the body, mind, soul, and breathing to reach a deeper and more meaningful inner peace.

Yoga for your hormonal imbalance

It is very obvious when women’s hormonal levels are out of proportion. Premenstrual symptoms can include crying over eating a bar of chocolate or getting angry with her man because he didn’t notice her sexy new dress. It’s because when menopause kicks in, the women’s ovaries start to slow the estrogen production which can lead to hot flushes and many more mood swings.

Good thing that many women have found their answer to erratic hormonal issues with yoga. Their usual physical and mental balancing asanas are now their monthly weapon in balancing their hormone levels too. An imbalance is the heart of hormonal issues which equate to mismatched levels of estrogen and progesterone. Thus, a yoga practice devised specifically to create harmony within the body is a great tool to treat it other than taking supplements or medication.

Hormone yoga fitness and exercises are developed to particularly affect the glandular and hormonal system of females to stimulate estrogen production in the ovaries in a usual and natural way. Such routines do not only increase the hormone levels but also improve and lessen the menopause symptoms if practiced habitually.

For men, on the other hand, whose hormonal imbalance usually include testosterone production, yoga’s breathing exercises can be of assistance in producing more testosterone and less cortisol in the body. Boosting testosterone using the ancient but efficient yoga poses can fight the devastating negative effects of low testosterone such as depression, erectile dysfunction, and low libido.

Hormone yoga can also be effective for both men and women in fighting the stress hormone cortisol and transforming one’s body from a state of stress to a state of relaxation. A well-rounded yoga practice can engage with all the glands responsible for producing hormone by compressing and decompressing those body areas lightly. A targeted sequence can motivate glands by encouraging blood flow as well. For instance, an out of balance thyroid gland that regulates metabolism can be addressed by poses such as shoulder stands.

Yoga as your anti-aging tool

Another benefit of yoga aside from a well-balanced body and mind is to help you fight aging. This subtle but extremely desirable effect of a consistent yoga practice has been a secret of many yogis (proficient yoga practitioners) is staying young and even reversing their looks and appearance as they age.

Practicing yoga can reinforce positive principles and routines which can help both men and women reverse the clock physically, mentally, and emotionally as well. Read on below for some of the yoga practices and their benefits in keeping your mind, body, and spirit forever young.

Yoga escalates anti-aging hormones in your brain

There are a wide-array of asanas or postures that you can learn from yoga and one of the most significant methods that you can get from it is meditation.

As already mentioned a while ago, practicing yoga regularly can improve the levels of your different hormones. But one key to dramatically affect the production of your longevity, stress and well-being hormones (cortisol, DHEA, and melatonin) is a habitual deep meditation.

DHEA is the hormone that is known to be anti-aging. Getting older means our body is producing lesser DHEA, but when you practice yoga and meditation habitually, you go back and stay at the fountain of youth! Increasing DHEA in our body also buffers the stress hormone cortisol from heightening. Melatonin, on the other hand, helps us get a good and restful sleep at night. Amplified melatonin because of meditation can lead to a better well-being during the day and a peaceful sleep at night.

Yoga can help reduce anxiety and depression

Being depressed can later lead to high blood pressure, increased heart rate and respiration, as well as faster aging. Anxiety and depression can cause your body to age faster and make it face undue wear and tear that you don’t really need. Yoga can safely and effectively help reduce the effects of these conditions through its calming effects. Yoga concentrating to reduce stress and anxiety is composed of breathing and poses patterns that are safe and healthy for regulating and controlling stress.

Yoga is effective for preventing hair loss

One obvious sign of getting older is hair loss and people who are suffering from it usually turn to expensive transplants or creams for a solution. But an easy and less invasive procedure for hair loss or thinning is yoga. Relieving stress and stimulating blood circulation through yoga can lessen hair loss and help your hair get the nutrients it needs. So before jumping to a drastic and expensive measure to treat hair loss, try a free and healthy alternative called yoga exercises.

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