Vrat Wale Paneer Roll

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How to make Vrat Wale Paneer Roll

  • Step 1- Bring the potatoes to boil

    To start making this delicious snack, first bring potatoes to boil. Once done, take out potatoes and transfer into a bowl.

  • Step 2- Mix potato and paneer with the spices

    In a bowl with potatoes, add paneer and green chili. Mix the ingredients together. To the prepared mixture add, sendha namak, raisins, black pepper, cardamom powder and nutmeg. Mix all ingredients very well. until they bind together.

  • Step 3- Knead a dough and prepare the rolls

    Once the ingredients bind together perfectly, knead the mix into a dough. Prepare small rolls out of this dough.

  • Step 4- Fry the rolls

    Lastly, heat ghee in a kadhai/pan and fry the rolls in it. Fry until the rolls turn golden brown.

  • Source: Recipes News

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