MS Dhoni is country’s hero, I feel more confident when he is around: Rishabh Pant’s tribute for MSD

Rising Indian wicketkeeper-batsman Rishabh Pant, who became the first Indian glovesman to claim 11 catches in a Test during the 1st Test against Australia at Adelaide, has often hailed the role of former Indian captain MS Dhoni in mentoring him. Like he has done for so many upcoming wicketkeepers, Dhoni has also honed the skills of Pant. […]

India Is Kicking Some Serious Butt! 33% Of Indian Youth Has Rejected Tobacco, 53% Plan To Quit

The good news is that India has 81 lakh fewer tobacco users now than it did in 2010, with tobacco use falling by six percentage points in the past seven years, according to the latest Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS).   GATS is a global standard for systematically monitoring adult tobacco use (smoking and smokeless) and tracking […]

A Third Of The World’s Population Is Overweight Or Obese, With America Leading The Way

An alarming report that was compiled by researchers from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington and published recently revealed that more than two billion adults and children across the globe are overweight or obese, and suffer severe health problem because of their weight. The United States of America leads […]

This Mum’s Innovative Ways Of Using Her Home-Space To Workout Has Become An Instagram Sensation

Ask any new mum about losing post pregnancy weight and they’ll always inevitably tell you that it is close to impossible for them to find time to exercise. Even when they do start a workout routine it’s overwhelming and seems impossible because of the added responsibility of taking care of a newborn. THEPICTA.COM/ CHARITY LEBLANC Mermaid-haired athletic […]

Check Out Instagram’s Favourite New Food Trend, #Cloudeggs

It was the sushi burger and the rainbow cheese toastie in 2016 that were floating around on Instagram last year taking it by storm. The year (2017) Instagram’s latest food trend, #cloudeggs, seem to be floating on a cloud of their own with a bright yellow egg nestled in the midst.   Not surprisingly, they look […]

How Gal Gadot’s Military-Like Training Regime For Wonder Woman Made Her Fighting Fit

If you’re going to play the role of a superwoman from the DC Universe, you’ve got to be in the physical condition that most people cannot even fathom; the kind of shape you can’t imagine even if you let your imagination run wild!   Gal Gadot’s training regime for Wonder Woman was no joke and […]

There’s A New AI Bot That Can Predict When You Are Going To Die

Ever wondered how long you have left to live? Researchers at the Australian University of Adelaide have the answer. They’ve developed an AI system that can predict your lifespan by examining your organs.   The machine uses a one-of-a-kind AI that uses imagery and AI to detect any early symptoms serious illnesses.  The scientists took […]

All You Need Is 30-Minutes Of Exercise To Feel Your Strongest And Thinnest Best!

Here’s some good news for a lot of us struggling to squeeze in time to hit the gym or workout into our erratic schedule. A recent study published in the journal Psychology of Sport and Exercise revealed that one 30-minute bout of exercise is all it takes to make women feel stronger and thinner!    The study also […]

Turns Out Diarrhoea Serves A Greater Purpose Of Clearing Out Dangerous Infections

Despite thousands of years of pant-crapping history, there’s a surprising amount we don’t know about diarrhoea. Does it actually help clear the bacteria causing a gastrointestinal infection, or is it merely a symptom of a disease that should be prevented as much as possible?   In a new study from Brigham and Women’s Hospital, investigators […]

Are You A Diabetic Struggling To Lose Weight? Here’s How You Can Lose 6kgs In 6 Months

Losing weight for a person, suffering from diabetes, can be quite a handful. A recent study says that eating a plant-based vegetarian diet can help you lose 6.20 kg of weight in six months. The findings indicated that the vegetarian diet group lost nearly twice as much weight- 6.20 kg, compared to those following the […]